Art Fairs: More Than You Might Expect

This is a fascinating article about why and when so many art fairs started and about the many hidden costs involved in them. It’s well worth the read.

It’s not just the exhibits that are expensive at art fairs

Scott Mead’s Above the Clouds Showcased at Hamiltons

Earlier this year, Hamiltons Gallery exhibited a series of photographs by American photographer and philanthropist Scott Mead. The collection, entitled Above the Clouds, featured photos from Mead’s air travel and will support Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity with proceeds from print sales and the book.

According to Mead, the images aim to capture the physical, emotional and philosophical wonders of air travel.

“I have always found a sense of magic in travel,” Scott Mead explained. “Anticipation, a feeling of liberation and boundless promise arise when journeying into the unfamiliar, making us acutely conscious of ourselves. But with travel above the clouds, there is something unique: we surrender control and immerse ourselves in the journey and the moment… And within those rarefied moments and that space above the clouds, we can often find our way back into an inner world that is otherwise difficult to access. Looking out can therefore allow us again to look within.”

Mead’s photographs focus on the different landscapes, light and shadows, and motion of the Earth’s elements that can’t be appreciated from the ground. He spent many months studying the conditions aboard a plane before successfully capturing cloud shadows and other elusive phenomenon which are spread throughout the collection.

According to Mead, his reflections during flights played a significant role in his ability to cope with difficult experiences, such as the severe illness of his child. His journeys also made him feel more connected to mankind and brought him a sense of joy and peace.

The exhibit was held at Hamiltons for ten days in January, and the portfolio can now be experienced as a book, the proceeds from which will support Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity.

ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival

If you have any ability to be in Florida for the ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival, then you should get yourself there on February 17th through 19th. The festival is in Jupiter, Florida and includes 300 national, regional and local fine artists. The show includes strong art sales and is rated as “one of the top 50 shows in the nation” according to Sunshine Artist Magazine. All of the artists are present during the show so that people can meet and get to know them. Art will include print making, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, mixed media, painting, photography and more.

There will be a kids’ zone as well where children can express their creativity and a place where artists will demonstrate their art techniques.

Submissions Accepted For Two Interesting Art Fairs

If you’re an artist looking for the right place to display your beautiful work here are a few great opportunities for you.

  1. The Toledo Zoo is actually seeking applications right now for the Buckeye Broadband Wild about Art fair this summer. This is a two day art fair that will run from 10-6 on August 4 and 5 at the zoo. It will include both local and regional artists and there will be entertainment for kids and other activities. Sounds lovely.
  2. In Dallas, there is an upcoming Fair Park event that will feature Texas women who “have been under recognized by art institutions and establishments.” The fair takes place April 11-15 and will include paintings, sculptures, performance art and more. The submission deadline is February 4.



Making Your Artistic Dreams Come True

It’s always interesting to learn how people got started in their business. This lovely article chronicles the story of one rug dealer and the road he took to becoming such a successful Oriental carpet seller. Artists out there – take note about ways to follow your dreams and to make them into reality.

As described in the article about the owner, Emmett Eiland:

“Woven into his entrepreneurial spirit, Eiland has shared his passion in myriad ways with the community, informed by his extensive travels throughout the rug-weaving countries of the world. In 1972, Eiland helped organize a major exhibit of Oriental rugs at UC Berkeley’s Art Museum. He has taught courses through UC Extension and has made a film, The Repair and Restoration of Oriental Rugs. He authored a book, Oriental Rugs Today: A Guide to the Best New Carpets from the East, published in 2000 (and revised in 2003) by Berkeley Hills Books.”

The Main Street Prototyping Festival

Today in Mesa, Arizona there is an interesting festival that examines art in a very different way. Items on display include a tunnel built of swim noodles, a trash-collecting turtle and other experiments that include urban planning. It’s called the Main Street Prototyping Festival and is an idea borrowed from San Francisco. The two day event will continue tomorrow as well.

20 prototypes are on display to answer the question about how to use activities and gathering spaces to make downtown more active and interesting. Everything is set up along Main Street between Country Club Drive and the Mesa Art Center. It’s worth coming out to check out the many ideas.

Getting Creative With the Kids Before Halloween

If you want to get your little ones exciting for Halloween, then it’s certainly worthwhile to check out the many art fairs and other activities happening in your area. Here are just a few of the listings for Halloween happenings and creative crafts in various cities.

In South Florida they have this list bursting with great ideas:

While Houston, Texas is trying to rebuild and reinvigorate the offerings for kids.

In Orange County, California they are offering these exciting events.

Wherever you are, there are great ways to celebrate with the kids and to incorporate art and creativity into those celebrations.

Happy Halloween!

Tennessee Craft Fair – Not to be Missed

The  39th annual fall Tennessee Craft Fair is this weekend and it’s one that you won’t want to miss. It will take place in Centennial Park and is hosted by Tennessee Craft, a nonprofit that works with local craftsmanship. The event includes over 200 juried artists, 40% of whom are from Tennessee.

The featured artists this year are Raku pottery artist Barry Bernstein, sculptor Karen Fincannon, photographer and painter Bill Turner, jewelry maker Elizabeth Barthel and furniture maker Daniel Corban.


The Story of One Antique

Certainly, one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure. Here is an incredible story about the life of one antique. Interior designer Heidi Pribell saw a mantelpiece in the basement of a client’s house in 1999. She convinced the home owner not to throw away the mantelpiece, and in 2011 she purchased it from the client. This year, she sold the item to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for an undisclosed sum.

The mantelpiece itself also had a story to tell. It was crafted in Italy in 1805 and stayed in the same building on Joy and Beacon Street near Boston Common through three owners. It was commissioned by diplomat and art importer Thomas Appleton. As Pribell said, “He was a true visionary. He was so sure of his tastes.”

Marble Mania Exhibition Open in NYC

Phoenix Ancient Art’s New York gallery is currently offering a summer exhibition called Marble Mania. Showcasing large marble depictions of Zeus and Aphrodite, the exhibition will feature 60 Greek and Roman works ranging in size, color, texture and style. Some of the pieces date back to the Early Bronze Age, and offer a unique perspective into the world of ancient art.

Located at the NYC gallery at 47 East 66th Street, the exhibition is open to the public from July 5th through August 25th.

Phoenix Ancient Art co-founder Ali Aboutaam tweeted about the exhibition and shared a video, offering a fascinating preview:

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