$10 Million Coin Sells

I find antiques so fascinating partly because you just never know what is going to become valuable – and what you may have of value in your home! If you haven’t seen this report yet, those in the antique world will want to prick up their ears.


One of the first US silver dollars that was ever minted has just sold for the record breaking amount of 10 million dollars. They believe that this is the most that an auction house has ever received for an individual coin.  Interestingly, the silver coin started its journey in Orange County, California and was transported clear across the US to the New York Stack’s Bower Galleries in a Brink armored truck.

There are a few interesting tidbits about this coin. All 1758 of this first edition silver dollar were pressed on one day – October 15, 1794. And, historians think that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson may all have individually handled this coin since the minting was all done on that one day.

The lucky winner of the coin was New Jersey’s Legend Numismatics. They are a rare-coin firm and they do not plan to sell it anytime soon!

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