Monthly Archives: February 2013

Success for the Original Miami Beach Antique Show

In a recent press release, the US Antiques Shows announced that attendance at their 52nd annual Original Miami Beach Antique Show increased by 10% this year. The show took place from January 31-February 4 2013 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. While we weren’t there, I certainly try to follow major antique shows and I’m always curious to see how… (more…)

Zarsha Leo: New Pub Features Monthly Artist

Not surprisingly, we aren’t very interested in sports. I wonder if you could find too many avid antique collectors who also love football and basketball games. Perhaps. But we don’t happen to be two of them! I was tipped off, however, to the new restaurant-bar franchise that has opened near our home called Zarsha Leo. In the grand opening advertisement,… (more…)

Lincoln’s Life & Times: Reflections on His Birthday

On the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, it is interesting to look back at the man and at his use of language. As a historian and antique collector, I always find the study of history fascinating. Certainly, Steven Spielberg’s recent movie Lincoln has brought the man and his presidency into the spotlight at the moment. Many more people now know… (more…)

$10 Million Coin Sells

I find antiques so fascinating partly because you just never know what is going to become valuable – and what you may have of value in your home! If you haven’t seen this report yet, those in the antique world will want to prick up their ears. One of the first US silver dollars that was ever minted has just… (more…)