A Feast for the Eyes…TACTILe Gallery

While we were in Geneva, we obviously couldn’t spend every second of the day looking at ancient art and antiques.  One place that was a must-enjoyed change of pace with the TACTILe Gallery.  They’ve been open in Geneva since 1998 and they specialize in contemporary jewelry from around Europe.

Now, I’m not a jewelry hog and I don’t spend much money on items of this sort, but it was so much fun to look through their extensive collection and to enjoy the creativity of their artists. They feature a huge range of contemporary art from: Iris Bodemer, Sophie Bouduban, Esther Brinkmann, Cathy Chotard and many others.

They are located at 8, place du Grand-Mézel and they are really a feast for the eyes…and for the pocketbook if you’ve got the cash to spend!

Picture is earrings from Annette Ehinger – boucles d’oreilles 2012 or 585, tourmaline rose, quartz enfumé

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