Antique Maps in Geneva

One thing that I became smitten with while we were in Geneva is old maps.  I’ve never been particularly into maps, but there was an amazing little shop in Geneva called the Village Antiques.  While we were there, I came across antique maps dating as far back as the 16th century.

One of the maps that they had, for instance, was a rare map of Henricus Hondius’ from around 1630.  It’s actually the only version of this map in which the Indian that’s standing on the right turns inward to face the Cheapeake.

Another map that they have is from their 17th Century collection and it is engraved by Peter Kaerius.

While I’m quite a historian and lover of antiques, maps are, quite honestly, something I’ve never thought too much about. It was fascinating to see how these antique maps can create insight into the time period in which they were made and into the people who interacted during that period.

Another eye-opening experience in Geneva!


Map: Copperplate engravings by Peter Kaerius (P.Van Den Keere, 1571-1646). Published in Amsterdam, around 1620

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