Boardwalk Art Show at Virginia Beach

art showWhat better way is there to enjoy Father’s Day than at an art show? This year, as in most years, we are heading to Virginia Beach to enjoy the awesome Boardwalk Art Show that takes place every Father’s Day weekend. The show takes place from June 13-16 at the Virginia Beach oceanfront boardwalk from 20th Street to 32nd Street.

It’s actually MOCA’s largest fundraising event each year and it features 270 artists’ booths, live performances, entertainment, great food and more. They actually end up getting more than 200,000 visitors.

Last year at the show I was smitten by the history portraits. Many artists, including Hank Shapell, showcased profiles in history pieces that were stunning. I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of some of these again.

The story behind the event is as follows. In 1952, a small group of artists started an outdoor art show on the boardwalk. The proceeds went to a fellow artist who was ill. These artists then formed an organization which became the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. The first official show started in 1956.

The show is ranked in Sunshine Artist Magazine’s Top 50 fine art shows. The art show will include R. L. Alexander, Lisa Aronzon, Jake Asuit, Kendra Baird, Greg Barnes, Michael Barnes, Robin Barr and many others.

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