Enjoying the Highland Fling

We’re having an amazing time at the Highland Fling in Florida (see my last post for more background information). My husband and I had a fantastic time at the opening party. Who wouldn’t enjoy sampling Scottish beers, listening to bagpipes and tasking haggis for the first time (eeewwwwww). There was even a Highland Whiskey Lounge which was a great deal of fun. The entire atmosphere is playful and inviting, while showing some of the best antiques and artwork I’ve seen in ages.

Yesterday, we listened to Miller Gaffney talk about art and culture. She’s worked for a number of art auction houses and commercial galleries. She joined Art + Auction magazine at one point years ago and has also worked as a Business Development Officer with LTB Holdings. She’s also on that show that I love – Market Warrriors – on Monday nights at 9pm. So, she gave an interesting lecture about finding great antiques and about moving up in the world of antique collecting and selling.

The other thing that I’ve enjoyed is the Decoration Resales part of the show. Here, they have all sorts of items for sale at reasonable prices including candle holders, household items and everything plaid you could possibly think of owning! We found some beautiful antique bottles that will be a great addition to our home and collection. One more day to go and certainly enjoying every minute!

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