Art On Broadway Offering Painting Sessions

Donna Sanson

Donna Sanson

If you happen to be in Oregon sometime soon, you’re in for a treat. The downtown Beaverton art gallery, Art On Broadway, is offering painting sessions with Beaverton artist and co-director of the gallery, Donna Sanson.

No experience is necessary and participants will work with acrylics. Participants in the Paint with an Artist program will go home with their artwork. Attendees have to be 21 or older and the sessions cost $48 per person. They will last for between 2 and 3 hours. The sessions are held on Sunday or Monday nights when the gallery is closed to the public. Reservations can be made at 5036013300.

In addition, right now Art On Broadway is having a Winter Group Show with displays by their 20 award winning artists. Complimentary wine and refreshments will be served and the exhibit will be open until February 1, 2014.

Featured artists include: Roberta Babcock, Linda J. Baker, Rae Campbell, Bert Cohen, Nancy Cuevas, Nikki Dilbeck, Thomas Eldridge, Peggy Harkins, Sue Jensen, Stephen Kekule, Myla Keller, Gretha Lindwood, Pam Nichols, Kris Paul, Donna Sanson, Carli Schultz, Don Schwarz, Elaine Tan, Diana Unterspan, and Susette Wilson.


Run to the LA Art Show

laartshowThe LA Art Show is certainly one that you won’t want to miss if you can get yourself to Los Angeles between January 16 and 19th. For 18 years now, they have showcased an amazingly large spectrum of art. The LA Art Show was created by FADA and it is the longest running venue for showing contemporary, modern, historic and traditional art. The 2013 show saw more than 100 galleries present and it drew over 56,000 visitors.

The 2014 show will showcase four sections of work. These will include: The Modern & Contemporary Section, The Historic & Traditional Contemporary Section, The Vintage Poster Section and The IFPDA Los Angeles Print Fair. The event will not only features top galleries and beautiful works of art, but will also include lectures, tours, special exhibits and after-parties.

The LA Art Show takes place at the LA Convention Center. As described on their website, “The LA Art Show is the West Coast’s most comprehensive art experience, with 3 distinct sections: Modern & Contemporary, Historic & Traditional Contemporary, and the IFPDA Los Angeles Fine Print Fair, showcasing the highest caliber galleries enhanced by exceptional programming and special exhibitions.”

In addition, believe it or not, the Los Angeles Jewelry, Antique & Design Show takes place in tandem with the art show. Together, it makes for an unforgettable week and a feast for the eyes like no other.


First Thursday Seattle

first thurIf you’re planning to be in Seattle over New Year’s Eve, there are so many things to do. One that you might not have previously considered is the First Thursday Seattle Art Walk. You can catch it on January 2, 2014 and have an incredible time enjoying this long-standing event.

The Art Walk concept has popped up all over America, but First Thursday in Pioneer Square was actually the first of these Art Walks. In 1981, a group of art dealers in the area printed out maps, did a bit of promotion and painted footprints on the sidewalk outside their galleries. And First Thursday was born.

Today, it takes place every Thursday in Pioneer Square from noon to 8pm. The leading art galleries in the area open their doors and introduce new exhibitions and artists. As part of the event, be sure to check out the West Edge neighborhood where five of the Northwest’s longest running galleries operate.

Make sure to leave your car (or that rental car) alone and simply hope on the light rail. The third stop in the metro tunnel will get you to the West Edge, and this is exactly where you want to be. It’s certainly an event worth enjoying as the New Year approaches.

Harvard Square Holiday Craft Fair

KEM Designs

KEM Designs

If you live anywhere near Boston, the Harvard Square Holiday Craft Fair is not to be missed. They are celebrating their 28th season this year and will have loads of amazing crafts. The fair takes place in the basement and courtyard of the First Parish Church on the corner of Church Street and Massachusetts Avenue. It runs for about 12 days including December 6th-8th, 13th to 15th, and 18th to 23rd.

The fair is juried, which always makes for higher quality products. And the eclectic mix of craftspeople makes it a sight to behold and enjoy.

Craftspeople at the fair this year will include: Jennifer Abromatis with beaded jewelry, Jeremy Ogusky with stoneware pottery, Kem Designs with beach stone jewelry, Klear Designs with resin frames and vases and much, much more.

Creative Opportunities for Women in Business

It’s always refreshing to hear about businesses that are supportive of art ventures. Doral Bank, a subsidiary of Doral Financial Corporation, and Bayamon mayor Ramon Luis Rivera Cruz have just announced that 25 women will be given a unique opportunity. They will participate in a free three-month educational program by the Art Workshop (“Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamon” in Spanish). The objective is to encourage and enhance women to develop their own businesses.

As Mayor Ramon Luis Rivera Cruz said, “The idea is to open up avenues for self-employment for women with artistic interests. Women represent an important but often underutilized force in an economy. In Puerto Rico, where we all are trying to create a stronger economy, women can and should play a vibrant role. Entrepreneurship offers the potential of capital creation and jobs – all of which enhance the well being of the community. ‘Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamon’ is being undertaken to help women realize their economic potential through their artistic capabilities, including the possibility of establishing their own business in a related work field.”

As Jesus Mendez, EVP for Doral Bank Puerto Rico Operations, said “With this unique program, Doral is adding a further important dimension to its community Mujeres d Exito initiative. Doral is committed to encouraging entrepreneurial development among women in the island by providing important business development tools. As women receive more opportunities to become entrepreneurs, Puerto Rico’s economy increases its potential.”

Those who want to participate in the new program have to show artistic ability, economic need and Bayamon residency.

For more information, candidates for “Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamon” should contact the Bayamon Art Museum at 787.269.4433.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Get-Away

Collage by Jima Abbott

Collage by Jima Abbott

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway for Thanksgiving, this is definitely it. The Mendocino Art Center will soon have its 54th Annual Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Fair. The fair will take place from November 29th through December 1. Mendocino is a beautiful location along the Northern coast of California. Its rustic beachfront community is the perfect place to enjoy a getaway.

And the crafts fair is the perfect thing to take in while you’re getting away. The fair showcases a wide range of unique, high quality artwork, gift items and other pieces. It includes jewelry, original paintings and photography, ceramics, fiber art and clothing, leather products, basket art and much more.  They always set up booths with seasonal foods as well.

The event will take place from 10-5 each day and is certainly a feast for the eyes and the mouth. Artists who plan to show their wares include, among others:

Jima Abbott, Jewelry
Ellen Athens, Jewelry
Lila Ayers, Jewelry
Frances Casey, Jewelry
Lynette Cederquist, Jewelry
Christopher Cisper, Ceramics
Rita Crane, Fine Arts
Jenn Douthit, Jewelry/Fiber Art
Carol Frechette, Fiber Arts
Knox Gillespie, Ceramics
Cliff Glover, Ceramics
Diego Harris, Jewelry/Fiber Arts
Jacquelyn Hewitt, Fine Art/Fiber Art
John Hewitt, Fine Arts
Julie Higgins, Fine Arts
Joanne Horn, Body Care
Karin Kamb, Fiber Arts
Crazy Klawsic, Jewelry/Fiber Arts
Mina Lev, Fiber Arts
Erwin Ludwig, Sculpture
Karen Mastrian, Jewelry
Mickie McCormic, Fiber Arts

Famous Artists: President JFK

JFK watercolor

JFK watercolor

It’s always a pleasure to see professional artists and to enjoy their beautiful work. Many people don’t realize, however, that there are many hidden artists out there and some great artwork from unlikely corners.

Take President John F. Kennedy. Did you realize that he painted? The story behind the paintings is actually a great one. As a young bride, Jacqueline Kennedy bought a paint set for her husband for Christmas ’53. Competitive by nature, the Kennedy clan descended on the paint set, trying to see who could make the most paintings in the shortest amount of time. As reported through the Shapell Manuscript Foundation, Jacqueline was horrified – she wanted this to be a way for Jack to find peace and quiet reflection with his painting set.

Her wish was soon granted, as Kennedy took up painting in the spring of ’54 and started painting even more after his back surgery a year later. He painted mostly seascapes. This painting, in the possession of the Shapell Manuscript Foundation, and featured now as we approach the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, is of the Kennedy Palm Beach house. It was painting during his 1955 stay and was given to Dot Turbridy. Turbridy was a young Irish widow of riding champion Captain Michael Trubridy who died during a riding accident in April 1954.

The painting was signed “Jack” and was inscribed to Dot (Tubridy). It was one of the last paintings that JFK made before entering the White House and becoming too busy with many other pursuits.

Crafts Fair of the Southern Highlands

Craft Fair of the Southern HighlandIf you missed the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands this fall, you’ll have to watch for it in the summer. This fair takes place twice a year and is a feast for the eyes and for every artist’s creative juices. It took place here in Asheville from October 17-20 and will take place again next July. It takes place at the US Cellular Center and includes over 200 craftspeople on two levels at the center.

The Fair first began in 1948 as a way to open a regional market for mountain craftspeople. They typically have 20,000 visitors who come through each year. While showcasing the beautiful work of many artists, the fair also hosts craft demonstrations. As they explain on the website for the fair,

“In addition to providing a retail market for juried members, the Guild also hosts craft demonstrations during the Fairs.  A strong part of the Guild’s mission is to educate the public about the history of crafts in this region, various craft techniques, and an appreciation for fine crafts.  Visitors have the opportunity to see artists using traditional methods of handmade craft like George McCollum weaving a white oak basket, beginning with splints he has harvested from the tree, or seeing Sam Johnson make bamboo fly rods, or Betsy Morrill’s innovative deconstructed screen-printing on fabric.”

Demonstrations at the fair in October included” Mike Lalone in pottery, George McCollum with white oak baskets, Betsy Morrill with screen-printing on fabric and Dede Styles with antural dyeing and spinning.

There is also great musical entertainment at the fair each season. During the October fair, musicians included: Sherri Lynn and Mountain Friends, Hot Duck Soup, Crane Creek Bluegrass Band, Southern Crescent Bluegrass, Split Rail, Moore Brothers Band and more.

6th Annual Harvest Art Market

Artist Jill Andrews makes unique dolls based on real people and celebrities.

Artist Jill Andrews makes unique dolls based on real people and celebrities.

If you find yourself in Michigan on October 12th, you simply must get to the 6th annual Harvest Art Market that will take place from 10-4 at the Silver Maples of Chelsea (100 Silver Maples Dr.). This lovely free event is open to the public and has grown into a scrumptious location to enjoy art of all types.

As Shawn Personke, the director of wellness and public relations for Silver Maples, said

“The Harvest Art Market has grown and evolved over the past six years. But we’ve stayed true to our original thought that we wanted the show to offer really interesting items, handmade, and fair prices.  So that’s the kind of artist we welcome and who finds the most success.”

The show this year will include six new artists. These include the zipper artists Zipper Lady, Heather Merritt, ironsmith Russ Shackson and ceramic artisan tile maker Julie Cohen and others.

As Personke said, “Each year we seek out a couple of new artists and this year we specifically wanted to add something different.  We’re really excited about these new artists.  Heather Merritt was named Best of Show at the 2011 Henry Ford Maker Fair.  We haven’t had a blacksmith or a tile maker before, and I think both Russ and Julie will be offering some beautiful work.”

The show will also have the Allegro Winds at 11 am and a jazz/folk guitarist named John Latini at 1 pm. The entire event is certainly worth enjoying.

Amazing Photography Award Exhibit in London

photPhotographers around the world like Ray Kam were undoubtedly taking note at the second season of the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award that opened at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

The exhibition was free and was part of a global tour that featured the best photographs from HIPA’s 2012-2013 Beauty of Light season. It was the first time that the awards visited the UK and people traveled from near and far to be there.

Professionals like Ray Kam were treated to a special lecture by the acclaimed photojournalist and humanitarian and recipient of HIPA’s 2012-2013 Photography Appreciation Award, Reza Deghati. The lecture was titled “Photography for Humanity” and took place on Wednesday, September 25th.

The HIPA exhibition included photographers from around the world and showcased five British photographers. It was established in 2011 by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai. It includes the largest Grand Prize award in the world of photography at $120,000 and the biggest overall prize fund of $389,000.

Photographers like Ray Kam should be so lucky to enjoy an event of this sort and to be part of it at some point. While photography isn’t my first love, an event like this one is certainly something to behold.