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Crafts Fair of the Southern Highlands

If you missed the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands this fall, you’ll have to watch for it in the summer. This fair takes place twice a year and is a feast for the eyes and for every artist’s creative juices. It took place here in Asheville from October 17-20 and will take place again next July. It takes place… (more…)

Asheville’s Drum Circle

If you don’t live in Asheville, you definitely don’t know what you’re missing! This has got to be the most vibrant, interesting town around. Every Friday night in the warm weather months, we have a drum circle. Anyone is invited to participate in the drumming, dancing and enjoying. The drum circle takes place in Pritchard Park downtown on Patton Avenue… (more…)

The Bele Chere Music and Arts Festival

Anyone who lives remotely close to the South knows that last weekend was the Bele Chere music and arts festival. This 34th edition of the largest free arts and music street festival in the South east is a site worth beholding. It includes the best of everything – music, food, beer, art, entertainment and more. The festival first began in… (more…)

A Trip Down Memory Lane at Woolworth Walk

If you’ve never been to the F.W. Woolworth building at 25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC, you simply must come at some point. This historic landmark was first established in 1938 and was revived and restored to its original state in 2001. It not only operates a throwback, traditional soda fountain, but it now features local artists. On March 2, I… (more…)

Finding the Best in Asheville

Sometimes the loveliest experiences are found at home. While sitting tight for a bit, and with no plans to travel just yet, I’ve been exploring the amazing choices offered here in Asheville. And although I’ve lived here for quite a while, I’m always amazed by the breath of choices here in this small town. First, I recently had the pleasure… (more…)