Art Work in Asheville at the Asheville Art Museum

Asheville Art Museum

With a free day recently with nothing to do (isn’t retirement simply the best?), I decided to head over to our own Asheville Art Museum. And I must say, as one who has traveled the world and enjoyed many art museums, that I still find so many treasures in my own backyard.

This past summer, American Style Magazine actually named the Asheville Art Museum as the number one small city for art. Our art museum is actually planning to break ground for renovations soon, with an expansion that should double its size. They say that the permanent collection exhibition space is going to grow by 70% and that the special changing exhibition space will double. Wow.

So, today I relished in enjoying the exhibits at the museum. In Gallery 6 they are showcasing Josef Alber’s mid-century series entitled Homage to the Square. It includes hundreds of works that play with color and spatial perceptions. All of the art work there centers around the square and highlights various ways that the museum’s artists have focused on the limitations and possibilities of the square. On display were worked by Richard Anuszkiewicz, Jack Tworkov, Sally Gall, Sol LeWitt and others.

What a great way to spend the day.

Image courtesy of Aislinn Weidele, Ennead Architects, LLP (2012).

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