Bucketlist Ideas

Now that my husband and I are retired we’ve been living out our dreams. Up until now, our dreams haven’t been grand – we love art and antiques and have been going to art shows and traveling to galleries. But as we approach 70 we are starting to think about our bucketlist. What do we really want to accomplish and see before we are too old and tired to do so? Here are a few of the items on our list so far. We are certainly open to other suggestions.

1.Lake Hillier, Australia. I’ve always been enthralled by Australia. The art there is supposed to be fascinating and the scenery breathtaking. This spot recently caught my eye and created even more reasons for me to want to visit. Isn’t this interesting?






2. Mount Kilimanjaro. Yes, this may be absolutely insane, but we are both hikers and we’ve fantasied about pursuing this dream. Lately, I’ve been reading blogs of those who have succeeded, and those who have failed in their attempts to conquer the mountain. One particularly sweet blog called Concert Addict Chick caught my attention. The blogger actually managed to reach the summit with her 65 year old father, fulfilling a dream that both of them had. As she wrote in her blog, “I am SO proud of my dad, myself & everyone else on Team Tembo (“tembo” means “elephant” in Swahili) for having the strength (both mentally & physically) to reach the summit. I’m also beyond grateful to our four Thomson Safari guides, Prosper, Calvin, James & David, & our FORTY-THREE Thomson porters for working harder than I’ve ever seen anyone work for 9 straight days to assist 8 American, amatuer “mountaineers” in living out their dream of climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro.”

3. Other ideas we are floating around include: Maldives, Bora Bora, Antarctica and even the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

We will keep you posted about what we decide to do first!

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