David Bershad: Supporting Culture and Film

film-596519_1280David Bershad is among the supporters of the 2015 Montclair Film Festival (MFF). This festival has been running since 2012 and takes place in Montclair, New Jersey. It is a community-based festival. Bershad supports other community activities like this. This festival is behind a variety of events including: Kidz Shortz Filmmaking Competition and Workshops for youth ages 9–18, Free African American Heritage Month screenings and Free Summer Series Under the Stars. All of these are in line with a lot of the philanthropy that David Bershad has participated in over the years.
There is quite a lot of excitement and anticipation in preparation for this year’s MFF. For example, the co-joining of JJ Abrams and Stephen Colbert on November 21 in “Stephen Colbert and J.J. Abrams: Celebrity Nerd-Off!” This will be a discussion of their works and creative influences. Some have even termed the event a “nerd off,” but irrespective of what it is called, the audience is sure to go home laughing.
And that’s what it’s all about…culture, fun, laughter and supporting community causes. It’s a great cause for philanthropist Bershad to support.

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