Going Back in Time with Phoenix Ancient Art

In sharp contrast to our quite modern experience in the Gallery Patrick Gutknecht was our venture to the Phoenix Ancient Art S.A. Gallery owned by brothers Hicham Aboutaam and Ali Aboutaam.  I had once visited the Phoenix Ancient Art S.A. location in New York, and I was very much looking forward to seeing what their Geneva locale held.

While small in size, the Gallery is immaculate and impressively displayed.  Each antique, spanning 7000 years of history, is offered its own glory and its own space.  As the curator explained to us, each of the displayed items is carefully selected for its historical significance and also for its beauty and artistic value.

The Gallery owners certainly take pride in their work, as is evident by the layout of the display and by the enthusiasm with which they describe each piece.  While we were there, we marveled at a bronze Egyptian mirror that came from the Middle Kingdom period (circa 1938 B.C.) and at a Hellenistic necklace and matching earrings made with Greek gold and semiprecious stones.

As described on the Phoenix Ancient Art website, this is an Egyptian bronze mirror from the Middle Kingdom period, circa 1938-1758 B.C. that stands 20.3 cm high.

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