Making Your Artistic Dreams Come True

It’s always interesting to learn how people got started in their business. This lovely article chronicles the story of one rug dealer and the road he took to becoming such a successful Oriental carpet seller. Artists out there – take note about ways to follow your dreams and to make them into reality.

As described in the article about the owner, Emmett Eiland:

“Woven into his entrepreneurial spirit, Eiland has shared his passion in myriad ways with the community, informed by his extensive travels throughout the rug-weaving countries of the world. In 1972, Eiland helped organize a major exhibit of Oriental rugs at UC Berkeley’s Art Museum. He has taught courses through UC Extension and has made a film, The Repair and Restoration of Oriental Rugs. He authored a book, Oriental Rugs Today: A Guide to the Best New Carpets from the East, published in 2000 (and revised in 2003) by Berkeley Hills Books.”

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