Mingling Art with History in Charleston

Now this was truly an experience to behold. While we were still in Charleston, we had the chance to enjoy a lot of museums, antiques and other art. We spent one day at the Gibbes Museum of Art which is located in Charleston’s Historic District at 135 Meeting Street. We got a tip from a friend who used to live in Charleston that we should go to this museum and then enjoy a walking tour of Charleston that would tie in with the museum.


We started off at the Gibbes Museum of Art where we saw the museum’s collection of American art with an emphasis on the significant people and places around Charleston. The art took the viewer from the beginnings of Charleston as a British colony, through the American Revolution and the Civil War and straight to modern day.

Then, we went on a two hour walking tour of Charleston that was intended to overlap with the art at the museum. It explored the city and its historic sites in the most fascinating way and showed us some of the homes of the famous artists from the museum’s collection.
It was a truly fascinating way to see art in a living, breathing form and to experience the history of the city.

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