Shapell Manuscript Foundation Note Expresses Reagan’s Sadness at Kennedy Assassination

Hand-written note from Reagan to Mrs. Kennedy

Hand-written note from Reagan to Mrs. Kennedy

June 5, 1968 was a sad day in American history. After giving his victory speech upon winning the Democratic primary in California, Robert F Kennedy took a short cut through the kitchen of the famed Ambassador Hotel. Waiting for him was Arab assassin Sirhan Sirhan, present to express his hatred of the United States in general, and Kennedy in particular. Shots rang out, Kennedy was mortally wounded, and the country mourned a man who was not only considered a politician with integrity, but a man who at the time had 10 young children and a pregnant wife.

Among the country’s mourner’s was the Governor of California, Ronald Reagan. When he heard the terrible news, he quickly penned a short note to Ethel, Kennedy’s widow, expressing is sorrow and offering whatever help she might need. The note, part of the collection of the Shapell Manuscript Foundation, was obviously written quickly and in a state of severe concern for the welfare of Mrs. Kennedy. Though brief, the few words express a deep-felt sadness.

Mrs. Robt. Kennedy
I know there is little anyone can say at such a time but if there is anything we can do to be of help in any way please let us know.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Nancy & Ronald Reagan
Good Samaritan Hospital
Los Angeles, Calif.

The note is an interesting and moving memento from a sad time in US history.

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