The Galerie Rosa Turetsky

We didn’t get to the Galerie Rosa Turetsky while we were in Geneva last time – but I have it on my list for our next visit!  The Galerie began in the early eighties and is committed to helping young artists to confront matter, concept and use of space.

The space where the Galerie is today was opened in November of 2005 and they focus their energies on contemporary art.  I am particularly interested in seeing one artist who has been featured at the Galerie Rosa Turetsky – Roger Ackling.  Using wood found on beaches and in river banks, Ackling focuses heat on these wood pieces with a magnifying glass.  He creates intense sculptures with the natural energy of the sun, emphasizing inner energy and the natural surroundings.

Another artist whose work I’d love to catch at the Gallerie is Joan Hernandez Pijuan.  His paintings and printmaking are supposed to evoke the landscape and nature with the use of uniform neutral colors.  He draws interesting, modern waves, zigzags and diamonds that create simple but expressive impressions on viewers.

It’s always good to dream – and seeing these exceptional artists at the Galerie Rosa Turetsky is high up on my list of dreams!

Artwork by Joan Hernandez Pijuan.

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