The Gallery Grand Rue and the Gallery Patrick Gutknecht

One of the most fascinating days that we had incorporated the Gallery Grand Rue and the Gallery Patrick Gutknecht.  The Gallery Grand Rue is a gallery that specializes in the work of art on paper, with emphasis on the 18th and 19th centuries.  They are open at quite tricky hours, so it’s very important to check ahead before setting out.  The Gallery, now owned by Marie-Laure Rondeau, has quite an eclectic mix of items from Swiss art to hiking books.

Their most recent exhibition was of Neapolitan Gouache which included a brilliant and vibrant selection from a large range of artists.

From the Gallery Grand Reu, we made our way to the Gallery Patrick Gutknecht. I had heard that Patrick had the most unusual collection of decorative canes and I was looking forward to seeing the display.  I was not disappointed.  The Gallery Patrick Gutknecht has one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of decorative canes from the 17th century to the 1930s. They also have a vast selection of other antiques from the 20th century, making for a refreshing and unusual exploration.

While still in the art district of Geneva, this Gallery is a refreshing change from the regular offerings in a traditional art gallery.

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