The Gallery Jacques de la Beraudiere

The first gallery that we stumbled upon in our Geneva exploration was the Gallery Jacques de la Beraudiere.  This location specializes in the Masters of the 19th and 20th century.  We had actually heard of his gallery in Paris that he opened with his partner Philippe Cazeau, and we were looking forward to seeing both the new Geneva space and the Parisian location.

The Geneva gallery opened in January of 2009. They provide museum quality painting and sculptures for private sale and for institutions around the world.  When we spoke to the curator, he emphasized that they focus on Surrealistic art and he pointed out the work that they have by Brauner, de Chirico, Dali and Ernst (and told us that there is more by Lam, Magrittle and Tanguy as well).

While not my favorite type of art, it was a lovely Gallery and a pleasure to see and enjoy the art and the architecture.

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