Zarsha Leo: New Pub Features Monthly Artist

Not surprisingly, we aren’t very interested in sports. I wonder if you could find too many avid antique collectors who also love football and basketball games. Perhaps. But we don’t happen to be two of them! I was tipped off, however, to the new restaurant-bar franchise that has opened near our home called Zarsha Leo.

In the grand opening advertisement, the CEO Evan Burschkopf promised that, “Zarsha Leo will be a comfortable, down-home sports bar for sports enthusiasts. However, since we are opening in Asheville, we are sensitive to the artistic culture of the area and will be featuring a different artist each month.” Now that was talking to me!

So, my husband and I ventured over. The down-home cooking was delicious and we were able to somewhat ignore the sports shows blaring from the many tv screens around the restaurant. The artist of the month was a jewelry maker who I’ve loved for years, Minka Atka, and it was fun to see her work on display. This certainly won’t be a weekly hotspot for me, but as they feature a new artist, I’ll probably go back to check out it and I definitely appreciate the sensitivity they are showing to the city and our flavor!

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