A Detour to Gallerie Interart

While we were eating breakfast in our hotel one morning in Geneva, we struck up a conversation with the guests at the next table.  They were raving about their visit to the Gallerie Interart in the Old Town. While it wasn’t on my original agenda, we decided to check out this Gallery after hearing such great things.

And we definitely weren’t disappointed. Established in Geneva’s Old Town in 1992, Interart shows works of art by modern and impressionist masters.  I was immediately wooed by their impressive list in their permanent exhibition.  It includes Impressionnists and Post-Impressionnists like Monet and Pissarro, artists of the major Modern Art movements like Braque, Derain, and Gleizes and artists of the Surrealist Movement like Ernst, Dali and Brauner.

In addition, on display at the time was a collection called Selection 1950-1970 which featured major figures and movements from the post-war art period.  They showed fifteen works that can mostly from private collections. The main focus was on Vieira da Silva, de Staël and Poliakoff,  They also had a major work by Dubuffet and one by Sam Francis.

We were definitely not disappointed by our breakfast neighbor’s recommendation and were happy to be sidetracked for a few hours with their suggestion!

Picture taken from http://www.galerie-interart.com/en/home.html.

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