Annual Arts & Crafts Conference and Antiques Show

February 20-22 is the time to be in Asheville, North Carolina for the annual Arts and Crafts Conference and Antiques Show. Since 1988, when author, collector and former high school English teacher Bruce Johnson created the conference, it has been dedicated to the education of arts and crafts collectors. Each February, Johnson brings together the most dedicated collectors to enjoy speakers, various craft displays and more.

The setting for this amazing event is The Grove Park Inn which opened in 1913 and was considered at the time one of “the finest resort hotels in the world.” It includes arts and crafts furnishings, Roycroft lighting fixtures and other beautiful designs.

The three day conference includes 1500 attendees and more than 2000 tickets that are sold for the antiques and contemporary crafts show. The three days are packed with lectures, small group discussions, special exhibitions, book exhibits, a craft show and an antique show.

Come and be part of the fun.

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