Art for Mom This Mother’s Day

If mom likes art and you’re in New York today, here are a few great places to go to enjoy. Certainly, there are hundreds of art locations around New York where you can enjoy a feast for the eyes. First, Portal, taking place through Tuesday at the Federal Hall National Memorial includes 28 artists. These are mostly emerging or new artists and admission is free. All sorts of art is on display from animated videos to oil paintings. Portal is run by artists Nicole Laemmle, Jack Robinson and Antony Zito

Another great fair is the Flux Art Fair that is taking place through May 31 at Marcus Garvey Park. Flux includes almost 50 objects, projects and related exhibitions that are selected by invitation only. The sculptures include such works as Kurt Steger’s plywood structure that sites on a boulder and Bayete Ross Smith’s stack of boomboxes.

Take mom out today and enjoy the art in your area!

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