Enjoying the Art Walks 2012

Paintings from the Aesthetic Gallery

I wait all year for the Art Walks sponsored by the Asheville Downtown Gallery Association, and the day finally arrived. On March 6th, the 23 downtown galleries in Asheville opened their doors from 5-8 pm for an evening of food, fun, festivities and creativity. This yearly event truly exemplifies the best that is Asheville, and it’s sheer pleasure to be part of it. Don’t worry, however, if you missed the first of the 2012 Art Walks. There are more coming on June 1, August 3rd, October 5th and December 7th.

So the idea behind the Arts Walk each year is to open the city up to the incredible art opportunities we have and to enjoy an evening together. Each time there are hundreds of people enjoying downtown Asheville with street musicians playing, food vendors selling their products, and the galleries abuzz with the arts.

It was such a fun evening. I particularly enjoyed browsing through the textiles at the Aesthetic Gallery, the contraption paintings by Kathryn Phillips at the Asheville Gallery of Art, the amazing photography at the Castell Photography Gallery and so much more.

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