First Thursday Seattle

first thurIf you’re planning to be in Seattle over New Year’s Eve, there are so many things to do. One that you might not have previously considered is the First Thursday Seattle Art Walk. You can catch it on January 2, 2014 and have an incredible time enjoying this long-standing event.

The Art Walk concept has popped up all over America, but First Thursday in Pioneer Square was actually the first of these Art Walks. In 1981, a group of art dealers in the area printed out maps, did a bit of promotion and painted footprints on the sidewalk outside their galleries. And First Thursday was born.

Today, it takes place every Thursday in Pioneer Square from noon to 8pm. The leading art galleries in the area open their doors and introduce new exhibitions and artists. As part of the event, be sure to check out the West Edge neighborhood where five of the Northwest’s longest running galleries operate.

Make sure to leave your car (or that rental car) alone and simply hope on the light rail. The third stop in the metro tunnel will get you to the West Edge, and this is exactly where you want to be. It’s certainly an event worth enjoying as the New Year approaches.

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