River Arts District Event

Certainly, it’s great fun to travel to exciting places and learn about artists around the world. At times, however, it’s also nice to stay close to home and to enjoy local talent. Each month the River Arts District Artists in Asheville invite the public to take “A Closer Look” at their art work and their studios. During August, they will be focusing on painting and drawing and other 2D mediums like illustration, printmaking and 2D mixed media.

Here, I’m going to focus on just three of the many artists who will be offering seminars as part of the program. William Henry Price will present on August 10th at the River Arts District in Asheville from 10-6. He will actually set up and complete a still life painting during that time.

Apples And Bean Pot2-600px

Richard Christian Nelson will be there as well. As he explains, “Recently I have begun experimenting with fusing Western watercolor techniques with the age-old Asian traditions, with some very interesting results. I enjoy explaining the materials and traditions of Asian painting and calligraphy, and visitors to my studio will see demonstrations of traditional techniques and be able to touch and hold the paper, carved seals and brushes. They will be invited to try ink painting for themselves with a hands-on mini-lesson, either scheduled or spontaneous.”

Finally, artist Lynn Stanley of Silverpoem Studio will have an ink and watercolor on rice paper demo and hands-on activities.

It should be an amazing day and an enriching one for anyone who loves painting and artistic expression.

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